Don’t waste your time and money, in brands for nothing. We protect your asset while protect your pocket. 5 years warranty for marvellous garage.

Call to us and don’t waste your money and time for the best driveway coating
UV resistance
No fading
No blister
Good colour retention

Luxury HCR Epoxy is an unsurpassed floor coating in shop. It is easy to install, infiniting to colour choose and resist and mechanical impast and the last not the least is easy to clean.
With our quality deco pox you can install it according to your demand and need such as foggy floor, 3d floor, anti-slip and photo chromic floor.
Think about the quality we are best in price.

Deco pox we got numerous epoxy floor coating for your house, building and evan special for your bedroom. Ting ling early morning to walk on floor, fed up with carpet.
We have got warm tough epoxy floor with Nano the technology to fed warm and clean cool your place.
Besides we can align any fancy pictures in your bedroom floor with uniqe 3d technology.

Luxury HCR anti-bacterial epoxy floor coating is perfect coating for yours health clinic, private hospital, surgery centre and eye clinic.
You can pick the colour from numerous luxury HCR colour chart.
It is easy to install, light weight and protect the floor for more than 10 years.
Anti-bacterial epoxy floor coating has got special Nano particles to resit any mould and fungi an floor it is anti-scratch and water proof coating which can protect the old surface besides having new look.

Some of Our Featured Flooring Projects Images

Some of Our Featured Flooring Projects Videos